Skeletonize Image (vuo.image.skeletonize)

Shrinks the image to its center lines.

This node applies a morphological skeletonization filter to the input image, which attempts to identify connected regions of the image by repeatedly eroding the image and comparing it to the previously eroded image. It can be used to reduce the amount of information in an image (i.e., distill or pare it down to its essential structure).

Keywords: MAT, MST, centerline, contract, darken, distill, edge detection, erode, filter, lines, medial axis transform, minimum, morphological, morphological skeleton transform, morphology, pare down, premium, pro, quench line, reduce, remove redundant pixels, shrink, simplify, thinning, topology, watershed

This is a pro node. If you share this composition with other Vuo users, they'll need to have access to pro nodes in order to run it.

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