Receive Kinect v1 Images (vuo.kinect.receive2)

Fires an event each time the Xbox 360 Kinect provides a new image.

This node can be used to display body movements captured by a Kinect in your composition.

This node supports Kinect v1 (Kinect for Xbox 360, models 1414 and 1473; Kinect for Windows, model 1517).

When working with the depth and infrared images, you can change the image’s gamma curve using Adjust Image Colors — gamma values less than 1 will make distant objects brighter. You can add false color using Map Image Brightness to Gradient.

Keywords: Kinect for Windows v1, Kinect for Xbox 360, bang, body, camera, controller, depth, events, fire, i/o, infrared, input, interface, motion, provider, sensor, trigger, video

Example composition:

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