Get Items from List (vuo.list.get.multiple)

Selects multiple items from a list.

Positions are the numbers of the items to pick (1 for the first item, 2 for the second item, etc.).

Each item in the output list corresponds to an item in Positions. If a position appears twice in Positions, the item will appear twice in the output list. The order of items in the output list matches the order of Positions (even if the positions are not in ascending order).

If one of Positions is less than 1, the first item from the input list is picked. If one of Positions is greater than the list size, the last item is picked.

If the input list doesn’t contain any items, the output list will contain a zero or empty value (for example, an empty image or blank text) for each of Positions.

Keywords: choose, combination, element, index, indices, member, pick, rearrange, reorder, select, shuffle

Example composition:

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