Capture Image of Screen (vuo.screen.capture)

Periodically takes a screenshot of part of the screen.

You can use this node to capture the output of another app and feed it into your Vuo composition. (If the app supports Syphon, you could alternatively use Vuo’s Receive Syphon Video node.)

The capture rectangle is cropped to the visible area of Screen. For example, if Left + Width goes beyond the right of of the screen, the output image will be smaller than Width.

Since the input location and size are in points, on Retina displays, the output image will have twice the number of pixels in each dimension.

To easily find screen coordinates, either use Command-Shift-4 or open the Preview app, go to File > Take Screen Shot > From Selection… In either case, the cursor will change to a crosshair and show the screen coordinate position in points. Use the escape key to exit.

Keywords: bang, events, fire, generator, grab, receive, record, rectangle, screenshot, stream, trigger, window

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