Sort Table (vuo.table.sort)

Sorts a table’s rows by the values in the chosen column.

To sort on multiple columns, use multiple copies of this node. For example, to sort a school roster by class year and then by last name, set up one Sort Table node to sort by the Last Name column, and feed its output into another Sort Table node that sorts by the Class Year column.

To sort the table’s columns instead of its rows, use the Transpose Table node before and after Sort Table.

If Sort Type is Text (case-sensitive), uppercase letters come before lowercase letters in ascending order.

If Sort Type is Date, the column values can have any of the formats available in the Format Date-Time node, or any the “Short” formats from that node with a 2-digit instead of a 4-digit year.

If multiple items in the chosen column have the same value, this node keeps those rows in the same order as they were in the input table.

Keywords: alphabetical, ascending, cell, decreasing, descending, increasing, item, lexicographical, order, organize, reorder, row

Example composition:

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