Find Subtrees using XPath (vuo.tree.find.xpath)

Finds all items in a tree that match an XPath expression.

For example, if the tree was created from the following XML…

   <book isbn="0140448063" sku="P456">
      <title>The Pillow Book</title>
      <author>Sei Shonagon</author>
      <translator>Meredith McKinney</translator>
   <book isbn="0765627345" sku="N123">
      <title>More Stories by Japanese Women Writers</title>
      <editor>Kyoko Selden</editor>
      <editor>Noriko Mizuta</editor>

…then this node’s output for each of the following XPath expressions would be…

If there’s an error in the XPath expression, this node outputs an empty list. Check Vuo’s Console window (Tools > Show Console) for details about the error.

Keywords: element, filter, json, object, path, search, seek, tag, xml

Example composition:

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