Play Movie (

Outputs the video frames and audio samples of a movie in sequence.

If you drag a movie file from your computer onto the composition, an instance of this node will be created with the URL port set up.

When the composition starts or this node is added to a running composition, the movie is paused at Set Time seconds from the beginning. It starts playing when the Play input port receives an event.

If this node is unable to play as fast as the requested Playback Rate, it plays back the movie at the fastest rate that it can. The maximum rate at which this node is able to play back a movie is influenced by the movie’s resolution and encoding; your computer’s disk speed, CPU speed, and GPU speed; and other applications that are running on your computer.

An alternative to this node that’s more suitable for protocol compositions, since it doesn’t fire events, is Decode Movie Image.

Keywords: aic, animation, avi, bang, cinema, dv, dvc, events, fire, gif, h.264, h264, m4v, mjpeg, mp4, mpeg, prores, qt, quicktime, record, trigger, video

Example compositions:

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