Receive Live Video (

Outputs frames of video from a connected device.

If no input device is specified, the system default will be used.

You can you use List Video Devices to see available input devices, and Specify Video Input to choose a device by name. If the Device input port is set, this node will not output video until a device matching the specified device is found.

When Width and Height are set to Auto, this node will output frames at the resolution for which the device provides the best framerate. Otherwise, this node configures the device to whichever of its supported resolutions is closest to Width and Height.

Keywords: 1394, FaceTime HD, Lightning, bang, camera, capture, events, fire, firewire, i/o, iOS, iPad, iPhone, iSight, input, interface, provider, qt, quicktime, record, streaming, tethered, trigger, usb

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