These nodes are for working with layers to create composite images.

Layers are a unique data type that are similar to images, but can be combined together as if they were stacked on top of one another. To create a layer, you can use one of the Make Layer nodes. To combine layers into a composite image, you can use one of the Render Layers nodes.

When creating a layer from an image, you can choose whether the node should be rendered at Real Size — with each pixel in the original image drawn as a single pixel in the composite image. A Real-Size layer can be translated but can’t be rotated or scaled. The Make Layer and Make Layer with Shadow nodes create a Real-Size layer, while the Make Scaled Layer and Make Scaled Layer with Shadow nodes do not.

Several layer nodes, such as the Is Point within Layer node and the Receive Mouse Drags on Layer node use a Layer’s name to detect what layer to act on. The Layer Name entered must exactly match the name in the original layer’s Layer Name port. A name with a trailing space, for example, will not match a name without a trailing space.

In Vuo Coordinates, (0,0) is the center of the composite image. The composite image has a width of 2, with X-coordinate -1 on the left edge and 1 on the right edge. The composite image’s height is determined by its aspect ratio, with the Y-coordinate increasing from bottom to top.

Vuo Coordinate System

Example compositions: