Make Targeted Fisheye Camera (

Creates a fisheye camera that can be added to a 3D scene.

This camera uses a fisheye projection. It’s capable of a very wide field of view — up to 180° (which produces a hemispherical image).

The fisheye projection causes straight lines in the scene to be rendered as curves. To produce good-looking results, you should ensure that objects in your scene are sufficiently tessellated, such that the vertices are close together. For example:

  1. When using nodes that generate objects (such as Make 3D Square), try increasing the number of Rows, Columns, Slices, Points, or Subdivisions.
  2. When using Fetch Scene, try either using 3rd-party software to tessellate the mesh, or performing basic tessellation in Vuo using the Spike 3D Object node with Distance 0.

Keywords: dome, draw, graphics, hemispherical, opengl, panorama, planetarium, premium, pro, projection, scenegraph, wide angle

Example composition:

This is a pro node. If you share this composition with other Vuo users, they'll need to have access to pro nodes in order to run it.

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